Forcefield Protective Sweatband™ for Toddlers 35 RAINBOW


No matter how careful you are, accidental slips, trips and tumbles happen. Falling safely takes time to become second nature.

Wearing Forcefield Protective Headgear™ for Children while practicing new skills like walking and at play provides protection from the risk of a head injury at playgrounds, the arena, at nursery, daycare, on playdates, at home.

The patented design has been engineered to absorb and spread out the force of an impact without detracting from visibility, movement or fun. The only difference, which is significant, is that if you hit your head you will experience substantially less impact force to the brain.

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Product Description

Certified to absorb and dissipate impact force, up to 83%
• soft breathable 80% Cotton, 15% Spandex, many colours
• Size: 35cm (6mos-3yrs), head sizes 38-48 cm (15-18″)
• Sweat absorption, self-adjusts for comfortable and secure fit
• Protection at crucial impact zones
• Endorsed by neurologists, neurosurgeons, brain injury experts, and scientists.
• Fits right in, looks and wears like a sweatband
• Full public disclosure of test data and CE safety & manufacturing standards
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Dimensions 13 x 6 x 2 cm